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Kansas City is the place to move your business!!

Wednesday was a big day for Kansas City with several announcements about business choosing to invest in the Kansas City area. These are all just from ONE DAY. This is in addition to Eastern Airlines moving their HQ to KC and Americold opening a cold storage facility on the CPKC rail line that goes from Mexico to Canada that have been announced recently. Kansas City is where everyone wants to be!!

It starts with the One billion dollar investment from google in the north part of Kansas City -

The Panasonic plant is well under way and yesterday Kansas Governor Kelly Announced H&T Recharge is Investing $110M, Creating 180 Jobs as New Panasonic Supplier -

Barbie and Hot Wheels are coming to the Kansas City area with Mattel announcing their second Mattel Adventures location in Kansas City, KS/Bonner Springs just west of the Kansas Speedway -

Cathcart Rail plans expansion of Kansas City facilities - Over the next several years, Cathcart will undergo a $10M+ two-phase capital investment effort to renovate and expand their existing facility near the Missouri River Terminal (“MRT”), which is slated for over a $500 million expansion over four phases beginning in 2024. Expansion efforts will allow Cathcart to grow its repair operations, rail services, and more. 

In addition, Cathcart plans to create 20+ new jobs with an average wage of $54,000, an increase from its current 33 personnel in Kansas City, Missouri.  -

And the next day just throw another 600 jobs in Kansas announced today on this list -

Is your company considering expanding in the US, make sure to consider Kansas City -

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